Music Arranging and Marking

Kevin Meayers started his business manufacturing perforated cardboard music from his own specially arranged and marked patterns. It continues today as part of our associate company, A. Ruth & Sohn.

Kevin has a regular appointment at the Elztalmuseum, Waldkirch, where during the organ festival he operates and describes the function of the music making machinery in the museum.

New music is constantly being added. The pattern library exceeds 15,000 titles including the archive from A. Ruth & Sohn / H. Voigt.

  • Perforated cardboard books and paper rolls arranged and cut
  • New music arranged for any scale
  • Barrel pinning and repairs
  • Suppliers of blank cardboard books
  • Over 15,000 titles available
  • Licensed by MCPS/PRS Alliance
  • Successor to A. Ruth & Sohn. (Waldkirch) & H. Voigt (Frankfurt) Established as a separate business in 2017
  • International shipping and supply
  • Registered Company (England & Wales) No. 9542653
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Cardboard Books

Cardboard is supplied to us on rolls, we then make our own blank cardboard books in the three most common fold types. The board is 0.5mm thick and when folded and glued produces a finished thickness of +/- 1.00mm. This gives a strong and durable finished product which perforates exactly and suits both key and keyless instruments. All finished music is coated with shellac to strengthen the card and provide some lubrication for the keys or mouthpiece. Music can be produced for any scale.

Music Rolls

Best quality calendered paper is used for our rolls and spools are made to factory specifications in house. Just like perforated cardboard music, rolls can be supplied and perforated for any scale. As well as bespoke rolls with titles to your request we also hold stock for all Gebr. Bruder, Gebr. Weber, Wilhelm Bruder Söhne, Bacigalupo, A. Ruth & Sohn, H. Voigt, Welte, and Imhof & Mukle roll playing instruments. In addition to the above we also produce arrangements and hold stock for various piano roll systems. Please use the link above to request a list.

  • Full Scale, Themed Piano Roll
  • Full Scale, Themed Piano Roll