Organ Manufacture

Our Facilities

Our factory is situated in the market town of Chesham, Buckinghamshire about 25 miles north-west of London. Chesham has a long history of manufacturing, a tradition we are proud to continue.

The workshops are spacious and fully equipped to handle all aspects of mechanical organ manufacture and repair. As is the case with restoration, we are committed to use the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes for the specific job in hand.

New 89 Key Main Chest / Soundboard

New soundboard / main chest under construction


Where new action parts and mechanisms are required we always replicate traditional and sympathetic systems. Manufacturers of the past knew their craft, all design and development was carefully done and we draw on that knowledge to produce our new parts today.

We have a vast archive of pipe scales and other technical drawings dating back over 150 years. These form an invaluable resource for manufacturing chests, action parts, pipework etc that need to follow a manufacturers specific style.

In Party Mood – Jack Strachey (59 key Meayers organ).

59 Key new instrument

Amparito Roca – Jaime Teixidor (59 key Meayers organ).

New Instruments

In addition to the manufacture of components and pipework for existing instruments we also produce new instruments. Organs made by ourselves are produced using traditional mechanisms and techniques, usually adopting pneumatic or mechanical actions as standard, other systems can be specified by request.

Over the years we have built several instruments of various sizes, all slightly different in specification and tonality. If you are interested in commissioning an instrument, would like to find out more or view additional details then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in your enquiry.

New Build Violin-Pan Organ In Preparation

42 Key “Violin-Pan” Instrument during construction